The mass sterilisation policy of pastors of the UCKG
By Fábio Pannunzio, on the Blog do Pannunzio One of the most important points of the adoptions problem by the UCKG’s summit in Lisbon is to establish whether or not the church of Bishop Edir Macedo has a policy of mass sterilization. It is a fact that pastors were instructed... Read more Read more
Assembly and Judiciary of Portugal to investigate adoption scheme of the UCKG
After almost 20 days in silence, the Portuguese Parliament and the Superior Council of the Magistracy announced on Monday that they will investigate the illegal adoption scheme of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Lisbon. The scheme, discovered by journalists Alexandra Borges and judite França, of... Read more
The Questions the UCKG did not want to answer
By Fábio Pannunzio, on the Blog do Pannunzio One of the accusations of the UCKG is that I did not listen the “other side” when sharing on Facebook the reports of the series The Secret of the Gods. And I couldn’t even have done so, because the series was... Read more
The judicial threat by the UCKG
I publish on this page one of the two extrajudicial notices I received after posting on Facebook links of TVI Portugal’s The Secret of the Gods series. Their content is identical. The difference that one comes in the name of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and... Read more
UCKG threatens, demands retraction of accusations but  do not explain adoptions in Portugal
Por Fábio Pannunzio, no Blog do Pannunzio Entangled in a bombastic accusation of international children trafficking, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God tries in court to embarrass and censure journalists, demands to be heard, but refuses to explain the illegal adoptions scheme that is the subject of... Read more
UCKG threatens to go to court against The Secret of the Gods
Source: O Observador The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God has announced that it will appeal to the courts to “demand compensation for the damages caused” with the news published on cases of illegal adoption after a “defamatory campaign” against the institution. “The UCKG will appeal to the... Read more
Os políticos, o silêncio,  a vergonha de Portugal
Por Judite França Um dia será possível entender por que decidiram, corporativamente, os partidos ficar mudos e sair calados quando o país comenta o caso do lar das crianças da IURD. Um dia será possível compreender por que estão os partidos políticos tão afastados do que pensam os seus... Read more
As cinco omissões graves da IURD para manipular a verdade
Por Alexandra Borges Fico espantada cada vez que leio os comunicados do gabinete da IURD a defender o indefensável, tentando manipular os factos para esconder a verdade sobre as adoções ilegais da IURD. Não vou dar-me ao trabalho de corrigir os erros porque são muitos, mas vou assinalar algumas... Read more
Voluntary work

Voluntary work

Institucional Tuesday January 30th, 2018 0

Anyone interested in the revelations of this investigation can contribute by volunteering with us. We especially need lawyers and journalists in Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Portugal and the USA. If you would like to cooperate, send us your CV and tell us how you can help us. To do this,... Read more