Edir Macedo fraudou registro do próprio filho adotivo
O que se pode esperar do comportamento de um líder religioso que tem quase dez milhões de seguidores em todo o planeta ? No mínimo, que seja decoroso. E que viva dentro dos limites éticos e morais que sua própria religião impõe aos fiéis.Pois este definitivamente não é o... Read more
# The UniversalTruth is news in the morning Mail of Lisbon
The UniversalTruth Consortium was on the news in the issue of this Saturday, March 9th, of the Lusitan newspaper Morning Mail (Correio da Manhã). In a accurate text, the Lisbon newspaper described with reliability the profile and objectives of this group, which already brings together reporters from five different countries.... Read more
Portuguese Legislative begins to investigate adoptions of children by bishops of the UCKG
The Constitutional Affairs Committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Portugal decided this morning to send a petition of public initiative to the plenary for a committee to investigate the fraudulent processes of adoption of Portuguese children by bishops of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of... Read more
Brazilian Court will investigate alleged fraudulent adoptions in Portugal by UCKG bishops
By Fábio Pannunzio, in the Blog do Pannunzio The Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo will investigate alleged fraud in children adoption cases by cardinals of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Lisbon, Portugal. The decision was taken by Judge Iberê Dias, Judge... Read more
Wife of “Cardinal” of the UCKG reported fraud in the adoption of children in Portugal
By Fábio Pannunzio and Bruna Pannunzio, on the Blog do Pannunzio “The judicial trust granted to Mrs. Maria Alice Andrade was granted based on false data, so if it is proven as I am reporting it, it should not be considered but revoked.” Márcia Panceiro, wife of Bishop Romualdo... Read more
How Bishop Romualdo Panceiro, of the UCKG, forged the birth certificate of a Portuguese child whom he wanted to have as his own
By Fábio Pannunzio, on the Blog do Pannunzio Finding the whereabouts of the former Brazilian deputy Wagner do Amaral Salustiano is not an easy task. Sentenced to nearly seven years in prison, his is target of a series of court cases for unsuccessful business cases, none of the telephone... Read more
UCKG prepares judicial attack to intimidate Portuguese journalists
  “Good afternoon, everyone. Have a look there in the state, in the region, urgently, who has a case of female worker, male worker and even members who have felt injured, who have actually been affected because of this persecution, because of what was said by the reportage of... Read more
The testimony of a mother who was stolen from many times
By Alexandra Borges “Maria”, the biological mother of Vera, Luis and Fábio, authorised me to share her disappointment after reading the lawsuit report filed by her own son Luis Andrade Katz -adopted by Bishop Macedo’s secretary- against the TVI, to request that the court enforces us to withdraw the... Read more
Former Prime Minister and President of Portuguese PSD (Democratic Social Party) criticises silence by the State about adoptions by the UCKG
Source: Sapo24 “It is disturbing , at a time when so many doubts come to public opinion about transparency, the transparency of procedures, involving cases of corruption at the highest level of society, and the State, in general, shrugs and take refuge in the progress of Judiciary for action... Read more
Assembly adjourns discussion of public demonstrations against silence
The Portuguese legislative bodies postponed the beginning of the discussion of a public demonstration that calls for the investigation of the adoption scandal of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God. The demonstration was the product of the spontaneous mobilisation of mothers of various Portuguese cities by the... Read more