Wife of “Cardinal” of the UCKG reported fraud in the adoption of children in Portugal Wife of “Cardinal” of the UCKG reported fraud in the adoption of children in Portugal
By Fábio Pannunzio and Bruna Pannunzio, on the Blog do Pannunzio “The judicial trust granted to Mrs. Maria Alice Andrade was granted based on... Wife of “Cardinal” of the UCKG reported fraud in the adoption of children in Portugal

By Fábio Pannunzio and Bruna Pannunzio, on the Blog do Pannunzio

“The judicial trust granted to Mrs. Maria Alice Andrade was granted based on false data, so if it is proven as I am reporting it, it should not be considered but revoked.”

Márcia Panceiro, wife of Bishop Romualdo Panceiro, in a revealing letter to the Portuguese Judiciary

It was not a police officer, a prosecutor, an investigative journalist. The first person to inform the judiciary of the frauds in the adoptions made by the cardinals of the UCKG in Portugal was Márcia Panceiro, wife of Bishop Romualdo Panceiro, Edir Macedo’s right-hand man and coordinator of the business of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in Europe.

In a letter sent to the Portuguese judiciary 15 years ago, she stated that the judicial trust given to the woman who had presented herself as the guardian of the Portuguese child who had been delivered to her five years earlier was obtained on the basis of false data and should be annulled. The child in question was the boy Fábio Miguel Tavares Vieira, the youngest of three siblings who were taken from their mother by the Portuguese Social Services.

The mother was the breadwinner of the house. The children were left alone while she worked. This situation generated a complaint to the Social Services. The children were sent to a home that the UCKG held in Camarate, Lisbon, until their mother could find them company while she worked. At the time, according to the series of reports The Secret of the Gods, of TVI of Portugal, the Home of Camarate operated clandestinely, a situation that lasted for at least seven years.

The three siblings were removed from the UCKG’s children’s home without their mother’s permission when Alice Andrade, a trusted employee of Bishop Edir Macedo, was granted custody and permission to travel with them outside the country. She presented herself as a candidate to adopt the three siblings. But in fact, she was only serving as a kind of ‘surrogate’ for one of the daughters of Bishop Edir Macedo, Viviane Freitas.

It was Bishop Macedo himself who suggested to his younger daughter to adopt those children. Since Viviane had no residency in Portugal, and no age to qualify for the process, the bishop used his servant as his daughter’s facade. Alice Andrade was Edir Macedo’s personal secretary in Europe. She would present herself to the Justice of Portugal as an interested party in the adoption of the children and would hand them over immediately to the family of the owner of the UCKG.

But Viviane was only interested in the two older ones. Therefore, the youngest was destined for Bishop Romualdo Panceiro and Mrs Márcia Panceiro, who end up becoming attached to him, although the formal bond between the couple and the boy was null.

“I had tried to adopt him and as I could’t, because at the time I did not have Portuguese documents Alice offered to adopt him in her name and then would later give the boy to me,” said Márcia Panceiro to the Child Court in Lisbon.

Alice was eventually assigned to gather the siblings together and take them to Portugal to appear at the hearings of the adoption process. On these occasions, they spent a few days with her so they could rehearse their statements in order to lie to the social workers. “The social worker interviewed them and they had been trained by Alice to lie, saying they lived with her,” said the wife of Bishop Romualdo Panceiro.

The relationship between the foster mother and Márcia Panceiro deteriorated over time. After three years, Edir Macedo’s daughter gave up trying to be the mother of Fábio’s brothers. The children were too much of a hard work and her relationship with her husband Júlio Freitas was being affected. Viviane Freitas wanted to return the children to the home of the UCKG.

At the same time, the relationship between the Macedo Bezerras and the fictitious mother was deteriorating. Sources close to them say that Alice, annoyed at the prospect of having to take care of the foster children she did not want, began to blackmail the bishop. “Her only interest in these children today is a financial motive,” wrote Márcia Panceiro in a letter to the Child judge in Lisbon.

Márcia did not accept having to give back the child she had learned to love. Desperate, she and her husband tried to falsify a birth certificate to give Fábio (who by then was formally the adopted son of Alice Andrade) a new Brazilian identity. The fraud was perpetrated at the registry of the Civil Registry of Biritiba-Mirim, in Greater São Paulo.

Three years after his arrival in Brazil, Fábio was definitively separated from the Panceiros by the former secretary of Edir Macedo. He returned only a few months before he died of an overdose at a New York hotel at the age 18. A sad ending to the story of a child who came to have three different identities, was rejected three times and had to grow up without even being able to live with his siblings.

The letter from Márcia Panceiro did not trigger any investigation by the Child Court. It concerns not only the case of the son of Márcia and Romualdo. Edir Macedo’s own grandchildren were ‘adopted’ in the midst of the same deceiving process, with the same set of frauds. Despite this, the Portuguese authorities have never been interested in clarifying what happened to the children the two bishops of the IURD intended to have as their grandchildren and son.

The letter in its entirety, a poignant and painful document, was located in one of the files where its contents could be accessed by Alexandra Borges and Judite França, the authors of the series The Secret of the Gods. It is available for reading just below. A facsimile of the original also attached to this post.

The revealing letter by Marcia Panceiro in its entirety

São Paulo, November 30, 2003

Dear Child Judge,

I, Márcia Panceiro Barbosa, Brazilian, married, bearer of Brazilian Identification Document. 07152940-8, residing in São Paulo, Brazil, I hereby report a very serious incident, related to the process of adoption of the 2nd court, 3rd security section No. 322/2001.

This case concerns the adoption of three minors by Mrs Maria Alice Andrade.

One of these minors, Fábio Miguel Tavares Vieira, was sent to Brazil on April 8, 1997, to be my son.

When Alice started the process to adopt him, she had already committed to give me the boy. I had tried to adopt him and as I could not, because at the time I did not have Portuguese documents Alice offered to adopt him in her name and then would later give the boy to me, as was done on the date above.

I recognize that I was naive, for it was a very serious thing, but I thought of the good that was being done to the child and did not bother with documents.

My son came to live with me and my husband in Brazil and we love him always and we gave a lot of affection.

He became our son, as I consider him, even though he is far away.

In January of 1998, Alice said that she needed to go to Portugal with the boy, together with her siblings (Vera and Luís) to present them to the social worker. So they attended the hearing in Portugal and then the boy returned to us in Brazil.

The social worker interviewed them and they had been trained by Alice to lie, saying they lived with her.

 Another two years had passed. And in April 2000 again she said that the boy needed to join his siblings because they once again needed to return to Portugal, this time I think before the judge.

Then, on April 17, 2000, I took my son to the United States where Alice lives to join his siblings.

Alice asked me to take him about 10 days earlier so she could train them for what to say in front of the judge.

I handed him over to her at the Los Angeles Airport, where she and her husband, Vera and Luis, were waiting.

The hearing would be on April 26, 2000. The hearing took place and the agreement was that my son would go straight back to Brazil, to our house, but this did not happen.

Alice called us saying that someone had reported that the boy lived in Brazil and that they could not let him go back until the adoption was completely resolved.

My husband and I were very sad, but we could not do anything, because she had custody of the boy. She agreed that we could visit the boy, but that he would only come back when the process was over.

He had already spent three years with us and it was very difficult to see him only one week of each month when I was visiting him.

For one year and three months I went every month to the United States to spend a week with him and I would call every day from Brazil. These were painful days, for my son suffered greatly. He never wanted to be at Alice’s house.

Alice began to teach him to call her as his mother and her husband as his father.

She said that it had to be like that, because the children would go through a new interview.

I started to find many strange things (SIC), even did not want me to speak more in Portuguese with my son, saying that it was different from the Portuguese accent and in the interview they would find out everything.

Today my son no longer speaks Portuguese, only English. She trained him like that. Not to speak Portuguese.

After 1 year and 3 months (in July 2001) Alice said I’d better not talk to the boy on the phone and also not visit him until December, because there would be a last interview and the boy needed to disconnect a little from me and to cling (SIC) more to her, so that everything went right.

In July 2001, the judicial trust was released and the adoption process was entered into. I waited six months without even talking to my son, because she would not let me.

December arrived and she did not make the request for the social worker’s visit. It depended on her to call. Now she said that it depended on her and would only call when she wanted to.

She was doing this to buy time because she had no interest in returning my son.

So I phoned my son and very much against Alice’s will she let me talk to him (very quickly). I agreed with him that I would visit him the following week and he was very happy.

She did not let me go and I could not even explain to my son that I would not go anymore. It was the last time I spoke to my son (December 2001). July 2001 was the last time I saw him.

From then on I noticed something was wrong with Alice’s behaviour. She refused to call the social worker and said that it was because all the children slept in the same room and she could not call the social worker in this situation.

Anyway, throughout the year of 2002 she was giving an excuse not to go ahead with the process.

Today I know it was to buy time, because she did not want to return the boy.

I do not know when the social worker’s visit took place and we called to tell her to send the boy or let us at least see him and dedicate everything to him. She then said she would not return the child. That the social worker had seen the children in the school and did not even go to her house.

Anyway, at the same time as the social worker’s visit Alice became unemployed and today uses these children to try to make money (Ask her how).

Her only interest in these children today is a financial motive.

She repeatedly told us that these children are a nuisance in his life. That she could be in Hawaii with her husband and has these kids messing around.

Several times my husband and I called her and she treats us badly. We e-mail and she rarely responds and when she responds she says she will not let us see the boy.

Her daughter Tatiana is the one who takes care of these children. And she loves the kids. Alice only has them with her out of interest.

I wrote her an e-mail telling her that I would tell the whole truth in Portugal and she did not care. I think she thinks it will go nowhere. We talked to her that when the boy knew the whole truth, he would be upset with her.

He thinks he does not come home because the papers have not been finalised (I think). She said that she did not care about us or what the boy would think, that when he grew up he would do with his life whatever he wanted, but now it would be like that and would not let him go back.

I try to talk to my son at school and the principal does not let me, saying that Alice has left orders for me not to be allowed to talk to him. She said if I show up she’s going to call the police. I do not know what story Alice told her.

In fact, the Alice is a very good liar, because she even managed to deceive all. She even cries when she lies.

I waited a long time to see if she changed her mind and gave me my son back, but as I said, she has other interests to be with these children.

Since she did not change her mind, and after notifying the Court, I called the Court and was advised by an officer (I didn’t take her name) to send everything I was speaking in writing; and that’s what is I’m doing. I do not know if you care, but I suffered a lot and still suffer with all this. And my son suffered a lot too. It’s a lot for a child: Being abandoned by parents and then having a family that loves him so much (I know he loved us too) and then abducted from his family.

Well, there are many things I have to say, but I would like to speak in person.

I wanted to have my son back. His father and I love him. He will always be my dear son to me. I have loved him since he arrived and I love him. I do not have kids from my own womb, but if I did I would not love them more than I love my “baby” as I used to call him.

My heart hurts. There is not a day that I do not think about my son. I wish I had the opportunity to be with him and find out if he wants to go home. I’m sure he does.

Alice must have trained him not to want to stay with us anymore, but this doesn’t work.

I will find out, and anyone will also discern whether he is speaking the truth. You can’t hide love. I sometimes think about going to the United States to meet him at school and I do not care if they call the police or not.

I just don’t go because I know I can not bring him and he will suffer when he sees me and once again not be able to come home.

I have no right to sadden him any more.

I want to ask you to please judge my case.

God is the judge of all things, but he has delegated men here on earth to judge our causes as well.

It is very unfair for me and my child to want us to be together and because of third-party interests this not be possible.

I changed my baby’s nappies, I took care of him and I love him … For me I am and I will always be his mother. I will always wait for him to return, because God is faithful and just.

I send some of our photos and I have many more. Here in Brazil there are witnesses that everything I’m saying is true. In Portugal too. And in the United States too.

Any clarification I live in: Rua Missionários no.139 7o. Floor

São Paulo Brazil zip 04729000

Telephone (11) 5644 8840

The judicial trust granted to Mrs Maria Alice Andrade was granted based on false data, so if it is proven as I am reporting it, it should not be considered but revoked.

Please, see what the boy’s will is. With whom he wishes to stay. He also always agreed to lie and was trained to do so because he knew he needed to do that so everything would go well so he could go back to his mother, which is me, and to Brazil.

All of our friends and his teachers are also waiting for his return.

Next December 15, my son will be 9 years old. He left Brazil at the age of five and it’s been two and a half years that I can’t even see him.

Please help me get my “son” back. I really wanted him to be here for his birthday.



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