UCKG prepares judicial attack to intimidate Portuguese journalists UCKG prepares judicial attack to intimidate Portuguese journalists
  “Good afternoon, everyone. Have a look there in the state, in the region, urgently, who has a case of female worker, male worker... UCKG prepares judicial attack to intimidate Portuguese journalists


“Good afternoon, everyone. Have a look there in the state, in the region, urgently, who has a case of female worker, male worker and even members who have felt injured, who have actually been affected because of this persecution, because of what was said by the reportage of the TVI. The people will have to be here on Tuesday. Yourselves, from the state, regionals, when you come to the service, you can bring these people. So, you who have a case, call me here, call me urgently, please. Thank you. ”    

Bishop Rogério Silva, from the UCKG Portugal by whatsapp

The message transcribed above reproduces an express order from Bishop Rogério Silva to all the clergy of the Lusitanian UCKG. He is responsible for the articulation of workers in Portugal. In the background, one can hear the voice of Bishop Romualdo Panceiro, currently number two of the sect of Edir Macedo, advising urgency in adopting the measures. Panceiro is one of the bishops who have unlawfully adopted children from the home of the Camarate. He even falsified documents to try to regulate the situation of the child that was destined to him by Bishop Edir Macedo, a subject that will be dealt with in future in this space.

The message, shared to a group of clerics of the universal Church of the Kingdom of God, represents the war cry in its struggle to try to silence the Portuguese press, which made public the scandal of the illegal adoptions revealed by the series The Secret of the Gods, TVI of Lisbon.

The tactic is well known to the Brazilians. It consists in mobilizing group of followers manipulated by the sect to be harmed by the denunciations against the board of the UCKG, which will sponsor lawsuits against journalists who bring into the light criminal practices of the leaders of the sect.

Journalist Elvira Lobato, of the Folha de São Paulo, the largest Brazilian newspaper, experienced the effects of this type of retaliation. After a series of reportages about the purchase of the Record network television, which belongs to the founder of the UCKG and was acquired with resources from the cult, she suffered 101 lawsuits moved by members of the UCKG throughout the territory. The costs and attorneys ‘ fees were financed by the UCKG.

Elvira reported that the avalanche of lawsuits caused her to attend to three hearings on the same day, in distant places thousands of kilometres away from each other, to defend herself against false imputations produced by the entourage controlled by Edir Macedo. Despite the malicious litigation, Elvira Lobato and the Folha de Sao Paulo did not lose any of the lawsuits.

The preparation of the battlefield

With no arguments to contradict what has been demonstrated by the journalists involved in the investigation, the UCKG prepares a series of movements aiming to discredit the source of the denunciations. The order was passed by Bishop Romualdo Panceiro, who met with pastors and bishops subordinated to him in Chelas last week.

Sources that attended to this meeting revealed to the Universal Truth that the first moves will aim to strengthen the brand of the UCKG with initiatives such as a blood donation campaign, which has already been promoted. More important than the blood collection, according to the organisers, is to highlight the brand UCKG as a sponsor of Social fund campaigns, which are far from becoming a tradition of the religious company. The first phase of this campaign cost the pastors who worked on it a public criticism because they did not prioritise the display of the brand or took recorded testimonials from the donors for further airing.

Another attack is about the Portuguese media. Romualdo Panceiro determined that all efforts be made for the Portuguese press to publish the UCKG’s marketing deeds. “If need be, I pay for it to be published,” roars the head of the sect’s business in Portugal.

Two websites have been distributed to pastors with the guidance to pass on to the cult member who are said to have been harmed by the reports of the TVI, both from the Diario de Noticias newspaper. The order is for pastors to criticise the series The Secret of the Gods and to conceal their roles as employees of the UCKG.

Interestingly, the Diario de Noticias newspaper has been publishing, in line with the cult’s strategy, reports in which alleged members of the UCKG are said to be affected in their routine activities as a result of the exhibition of the series of the TVI. The newspaper has accepted these statements without the necessary presentation of evidence of the alleged losses.

The attack is the production of fake news. They are untrue information that receive the treatment of journalistic news. One of the examples can be seen on the Brazilian website Gospel Prime. The religious page published absolutely false news with the title “Justice commands newspapers from Portugal to withdraw accusations against the UCKG”.

UCKG’s media advisory, the Unicom portal has also been spreading false information to journalists who contact the cult to hear its version. One of them publishes that the Portuguese authorities PGR would have already analysed the accusations and concluded that there was no illegality, which definitely did not happen.

Also on Facebook it is already noticeable the reflections of the orders by the UCKG. The clerics are withdrawing from their profiles the mention of the position they occupy. Thus, they cease to present themselves as pastors and bishops to maintain only their civil names. And they are free to adopt the style they want in their critical notes, which are always complaints that have nothing to do with the content of the accusations, which does not touch on the issue of religious freedom.


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