The Questions the UCKG did not want to answer The Questions the UCKG did not want to answer
By Fábio Pannunzio, on the Blog do Pannunzio One of the accusations of the UCKG is that I did not listen the “other side”... The Questions the UCKG did not want to answer

By Fábio Pannunzio, on the Blog do Pannunzio

One of the accusations of the UCKG is that I did not listen the “other side” when sharing on Facebook the reports of the series The Secret of the Gods. And I couldn’t even have done so, because the series was produced in Portugal by the TVI reporters. Still, I accepted the provocation of the UCKG as a suggestion and decided to listen to what they have to say. But it was in vain. The UCKG did not provide an answer to the 73 questions that I formulated on three different occasions.

In the last correspondence, its press office announced that it would unilaterally publish the correspondence exchanged by us. As this relationship must be led by honesty and reciprocity, I anticipate myself and publish in full the content of all e-mails exchanged with the press office of the corporation of Bishop Edir Macedo.

None of the questions deserved even a reply, as will be seen at the end of this sequence. One of the justifications for the negative is that I am an atheist.


First contact with Unicom, the UCKG’s press office 

Good afternoon.

A few weeks ago, I shared in my personal Facebook profile the ten reports broadcasted by the TVI of Portugal about a children’s home maintained by Universal in Lisbon, which would act in a supposedly illegal way with a view to provide care for children who would be adopted by religious groups of the UCKG – including the family of its founder, Edir Macedo.

In spite of the uncritical reproduction, I was surprised by two extrajudicial notices written on behalf of the UCKG and Edir Macedo himself, whose intention was for me to remove from my page references to the series The Secret of the Gods, TVI.

The documents accuse me of not listening to the other side, despite the unequivocal fact that it is the Portuguese television broadcaster, who is responsible for ensuring the ethical rigor of the reporting.

I decided, however, to comply with one of the requests of the notifiers and listen to the other side, noting that I myself will make a investigation of the reported cases. It is for this purpose that I contact you.

I would like to request interviews with all the people who had their names involved in these denunciations – Edir Macedo, his two daughters, their adopted children and the person in charge of the UCKG in Portugal at the moment, the self-appointed Bishop Romualdo.

Also, I would like to ask you to appoint a source to whom I can send some documents that I am collecting so they can be explained.

I make myself available on my cell phone / whatsapp in case you need to speak directly to me.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to receiving your response .


Fábio Pannunzio

Editor of the Blog do Pannunzio

UCKG’s response to the first request:

Dear journalist,

It is necessary that you send the questions that you would like to ask to each interviewee.


UNIcom – Department of Social Communication and Institutional Relations of Universal

25 January, 2018

Second email to the UCKG’s Press Office

Good Morning.

Thank you for the quick response to my request.

As the subject is complex and requires a thorough investigation, I anticipate that there may be a need to send new questions, depending on the answers that are given to the questionnaire that I submit in this email.

Here are the questions:

Questions addressed to Edir Macedo: 

1) At some point did the UCKG oblige, guide or encourage its bishops and pastors to undergo vasectomy? If so, why?

2) One of the excerpts aired in the series The Secret of the Gods records a statement by Edir Macedo advising his daughters not to have children. Why?

3) In one of the recordings obtained by the Portuguese journalists, a bishop named Luiz André, apparently conducting a meeting of pastors in Angola, says that Bishop Macedo ordered that the clergy connected to the UCKG were forbidden to have children. Why was there such an order?

4) In another piece of audio, Edir Macedo himself states that he had forbidden his pastors to have children and admits he was even happy to pay for the vasectomies. Does Edir Macedo recognize the authenticity of this passage? Do you recognize that he even gave the order and determined that his pastors were vasectomized before marrying?

5) How many Universal pastors adopted children between the late 1980s and the mid-2000s?

6) In her blog, Cristiane Cardoso reports that “in January” (supposedly from 1997) her father telephoned her with the purpose of talking about a serious and quiet child, who “looked like a little soldier”, referring to Filipe, to recommend adoption. What was the reason for the recommendation to adopt a child, despite the previous orientation of not having children? What changed for Edir Macedo in the meantime?

7) How did Edir Macedo become aware of the existence of Filipe?

8) Did Edir Macedo know that Filipe had a little older brother, Pedro?

9) Who are Mira and Zé who, according to the former secretary of the bishop, would formally take the custody of Filipe? Why would this be necessary?

10) Who is Bishop Sidney, who according to the reports ended up adopting Pedro Alexandre, brother of Filipe? Where is he currently? If possible, enclose the contacts of this gentleman – telephone, e-mail, place of residence to the answer.

11) How did this child, Pedro Alexandre, end up right in the family of another picture of the UCKG? Was it Bishop Macedo who recommended or ordered Pastor Sidney to adopt Filipe’s older brother?

12) What was the role of the wife of the pastor (or bishop) Sidney in the administration of the home of the UCKG in Portugal?

13) How many times did Bishop Macedo go to the of the UCKG in Portugal? What was the purpose of the visits?

14) Who is Alice Andrade? What role did she fulfill as a staff member of the UCKG? What kind of relationship did she have with Edir Macedo?

15) What role did she play in the adoption of Luis and Vera?

16) What role did she play in the process of adoption of the boy destined for the Panceiro family?

Questions addressed to Renato and Cristiane Cardoso: 

1) Why do Renato and Cristiane Cardoso have no children? Did the couple have any fertility problems? Can this be attested?

2) Did Renato Cardoso undergo a vasectomy? When did this happen? Where was the surgery done?

3) How did the couple become aware of the existence of little Filipe, who you would later adopt?

4) Why did you decide to adopt?

5) How did the couple get the photographs of the children?

6) Who was the young woman who worked at the home maintained by the UCKG in Lisbon, who according to Cristiane Cardoso, presented her with the photographs?

7) Still according to Cristiane Cardoso on her blog, her father, Edir Macedo, called her to talk about a serious and quiet child who “looked like a little soldier.” The child would eventually be adopted, according to the TVI, in record time. In her blog, Cristiane Cardoso states that only two months after that phone call, in March of that year, she got Filipe’s custody. How was this possible in such a short time?

8) Has the couple kept a copy of the adoption process? Can you provide it?

9) The Portuguese legislation of the time provided for the need to obtain the prior consent of the biological parents to start the adoption process. Did the couple get this document? Can you provide a copy?

10) Who are the adoptive parents of Filipe? What is the parenthood that appears on his birth certificate?

11) Why did Renato Cardoso, who according to his wife Cristiane had been reluctant to adopt the child initially, change his mind after a phone call with Bishop Edir Macedo?

12) How did the couple Renato and Cristiane manage to separate the brothers Filipe and Pedro during the adoption process?

13) Why did the couple decide to adopt only one, and not both children?

14) What is the fate of Pedro, Filipe’s brother?

15) Filipe’s biological mother claims that she never gave prior consent for adoption nor was in any court hearing to deal with this case. Is there any court document that contradicts this version?

16) Did the family that adopted Filipe allow him to keep in touch with the brother from whom he was separated? How many times did they meet? Where did these meetings happen? Are there photographic records, videos or anything similar?

Questions addressed to Viviane and Júlio Freitas 

1) How did the couple become aware of the existence of the siblings they would later adopt?

2) In her blog, Viviane stated that the first photographs of the children were brought in personally by her father, Edir Macedo. Does Bishop Macedo confirm the information posted by his daughter?

3) Did the couple Julio and Viviane have fertility problems? Which ones? Can this be attested?

4) Did Júlio Freitas undergo a vasectomy? When? In what clinic? Who paid for the surgery?

5) How did the couple, who did not meet the Portuguese legal requirements at the time, manage to obtain actual custody of the children?

6) What role did Alice play in the formal adoption of these children?

7) Who are, legally, the adoptive parents of Vera, Luis and Fabio?

8) Who removed the three children from Portugal?

9) Why did the adoption, after a while, end up not consummated?

10) By whom and when was the “return” of the two siblings who remained under the informal guard of the couple determined?

11) After all, are Vera and Luis actually adopted children of the descendants of Edir Macedo or not?

12) In a recording made to try to deny TVI’s claims, Vera and Luis say they were raised by an American family. Who is this family?

Questions addressed to bishop Romualdo Panceiro

1) How did Bishop Romualdo decide for the adoption of the little Fábio?

2) When was the child brought to Brazil, and under what circumstances?

3) Is it true that Fabio came to Brazil on the same plane that carried his two siblings to the United States?

4) Who are Fábio’s adoptive parents?

5) Was there a formal procedure for adopting Fábio in Brazil?

6) Has Fábio, supposedly the adopted son of Bishop Romualdo, got a Brazilian birth certificate? If so, who made the birth declaration?

7) Who is Felipe Barbosa Panceiro, son of Romualdo and Márcia Panceiro? Where was this child born and under what circumstances? How old is he and where does he currently live?

8) Where were Romualdo and Márcia in the years 1997 and 1998? Where did they live?

9) Did Márcia Panceiro give birth to a child in her own home in 1994? Who is this child?

10) What happened between Márcia Panceiro and Alice, Edir Macedo’s secretary at the time of adoption?

11) Why was adoption not consummated? What went wrong? Why was Fábio “returned” to Bishop Macedo’s secretary?

12) Is it true that the order to return Fábio (or Felipe) to Alice came from Edir Macedo himself?

13) Do you have a record of Fábio’s death certificate in New York? Can you provide it?

I look forward to receiving your response, thank you.

Fábio Pannunzio.

UCKG acknowledges receipt of the questionnaire

Dear journalist,

We acknowledge the receipt of the 57 questions.

What is the response deadline for the request?


UNIcom – Department of Social Communication and Institutional Relations of Universal

Response to the UCKG’s media office:

There is no deadline. The urgency, it seems to me, for the extrajudicial notices I received, is from the UCKG and Bishop Edir Macedo. You have all the time you need. I would be grateful if you can just give me an estimated (waiting time), thank you.

Fábio Pannunzio.


Response from the UCKG Press Office



As soon as we have an update, we will contact you.


UNIcom – Department of Social Communication and Institutional Relations of Universal


26 January, 2018

Second questionnaire to the UCKG


Good Morning.

First of all, I would like to ask the name of the press officer who is in charge of my requests.

Attached to this e-mail is a copy of the birth certificate of Filipe Barbosa Panceiro. According to the certificate of the registry of Biritiba-Mirim, he would be the son of Bishop Romualdo Panceiro and his wife, Márcia Barbosa Panceiro, born in a natural birth at home four years before the record was drawn up.

I then turn to the request itself.

First, I would like to request an interview with Bishop Romualdo and his wife to know what this document is about. The questions I have to ask about this are as follows:

1) What role does Bishop Romualdo Panceiro currently occupy in the UCKG?

2) Does it confirm the authenticity of this record? Who made the birth declaration to the notary?

3) Do Romualdo and Marcia have a son named Filipe Panceiro? Does this person’s data match those of the civil registry?

4) Where does this person live and what does he currently do?

5) Would this person be willing to give an interview?

6) Have Romualdo and Marcia ever resided in Biritiba Mirim? When did this happen?

The second request is related to the adopted child by Sidney and Jaqueline Duran Marques. I would like to interview this couple to know in what circumstances the adoption of Pedro Alexandre took place, whom I would also like to interview. The biological mother’s account reports that Pedro was delivered to the home of the UCKG by the maternal grandmother, who would have falsified the signature to obtain the prior consent for adoption.

Thank you once again.

Fábio Pannunzio

Editor of the Blog do Pannunzio


28 January, 2018

Final reply from the UCKG

Mr Pannunzio,

At the outset, you express by e-mail that you intend to develop an investigation about the series of videos shown by the Portuguese broadcaster TVI in December 2017. But you warn us that you act in the case in your own name, as “editor of the Blog do Pannunzio” not by the radio and television channels where you professionally work as a Journalist, which are owned by the Group Bandeirantes of Communication.

Whether it is for your blog, for TV Band or for any other vehicle of communication, your extensive demand for 63 initial questions will be easily answered, since, from 11/12/2017, this social communication department has already published three press releases on the defamatory campaign of the TVI, which, even with the limit imposed by the secrecy of justice that involves adoption processes, offered sufficient clarification to the press agencies that repercussed in Brazil the series of videos of the Portuguese broadcaster.

But perhaps, even after reading our clarifications, you will not be convinced that TVI lies.

In this case, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that several Portuguese media channels, who have embarked on the lies broadcast by the TVI and reproduced them, such as the Observer, Público and Diário de Notícias, have already been obliged to publish some texts with Right of Response to the Universal, to correct errors, omissions and lies of the broadcaster. Do a research and you will find them easily.

It would also be worth asking the Attorney General’s Office for the statement they made about the case, stating that the mother, who was the main source for the reporters, had already filed the same charges against the Universal in the past and which had been exposed as lies by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of that country.

Other questions you address in your questions, such as the myth that the Universal would require pastors to undergo vasectomy surgery, have also been denied and already posted on our website.

But in addition to his questionnaire, you indicate in your email the reason for the beginning of the investigation: your displeasure with the Universal’s reaction to the “uncritical posts” – your words – that you posted in your personal profile on Facebook.

Would they be “uncritical posts” like these?

“I hope the American justice system is not like the Portuguese, and it has laws that make it possible for those who separate families to die in jail.” (14/12/2017)

“Cowards, sly, perverse.” (14/12/2017)

“… Orchestration of one more stratagem so that the UCKG sect could lead its clientele to do what really matters to it – ‘give it all’!” (15/12/2017)

“… Presumptions of the relatives of the president of this sect.” (21/12/2017)

In your blog, you wrote, on 23/07/2013, saying have “an enormous respect for the religious beliefs of others”. And you said: “I Respect what others believe in as I demand that they respect me.”

“I am an atheist, I do not believe in God or any other form, entity or religious manifestation,” you explained.

But your words are contaminated by the same prejudice that many have against us, Mr. Pannunzio. Your articles on the Universal published on Facebook, your opinions already expressed in the radio microphone of Radio Bandeirantes in 2016 and even the e-mails you sent us exude a very different feeling of the respect you preach.

In fact, you seem to be practicing the same kind of biased journalism as the TVI, whose reports you have already praised as “brilliant.” What is brilliant about an investigation that lasted for months, but did not even try to listen to the parties involved who are members or representatives of the Universal? Why did you just listen to the versions of the supposed accusers and people who are openly discordant to our faith? Why did the Universal have to resort to the Portuguese courts to be heard, as it is the case here in Brazil? All this points out only to one thing: no concern for the truth and very, very religious prejudice, fueled by hatred against the Universal.

If the Blog do Pannunzio wants access the notes and reports already released by UNIcom on the subject, they are available at

To gain access to the collection of lies that the hate spreaders against the Universal have already spread, and the respective denials:

Regarding other questions whose answers affect the fairness of the processes already underway in Portugal and Brazil, these will be duly answered in the courts.

What does the Universal expect from you, Mr. Pannunzio? A public retraction of the offenses issued against Bishop Edir Macedo, his family, the institution and its more than 9 million congregantes around the world. And, if it is not too much, that in the future you will carry out a more responsible journalism, which at least tries to be impartial in its investigations, despite prejudices and personal convictions.

We request that these clarifications be published in full.

We reserve the right to publicise this text, as well as all emails sent by you. Notwithstanding the applicable legal measures.


UNIcom – Department of Social Communication and Institutional Relations of Universal


My response to the final position of the IURD accompanied by 8 further questions, all of which are also disregarded by the press office

Dear Sirs,

You say that you will have no difficulty answering the questions, but you have not responded to a single question. Are you avoiding the right to be heard, as you said you wanted in the extrajudicial notification? I do not understand. Either you do not want to clarify anything, or you have no answer to my questions. You did not even tell me the name of the person who is dealing with me regarding this enquiry from the UCKG’s communications office, despite the fact that I have questioned this twice.
Well, feel free to publish the entire contents of my emails. I, in the same way, proceed to publish our correspondence, based on the reciprocity that should govern this relationship.My religious belief or my atheism is not in question, nor it is the cause of the present investigation. But the mention to it reveals immediately from which side the prejudices start.
The questions I have asked are objective and clear. I reiterate that, if it is in your interest to clarify what has been denounced, please stick to what my ethical duty delimits and respond to what is asked of yourselves. This is called listening to the other side, as the Code of Ethics of Brazilian journalists prescribes, and as you yourselves so assertively claim in the extra-judicial notification sent to me. And that does not include publishing what you want me to post because I am not at your service. I would have offered you arguments to prove that TVI lied. But so far you have not laid a single argument.
I take the opportunity created by this correspondence to add a few more questions. For the sake of information and truth, I hope you will review the decision not to provide the clarification that the matter requires.
Are the following:
1) Does the “Daniel Fast” imposed by the UCKG on its members relate to the denunciations of TVI? Why were the congregants dissociated from formal media and social networks?
2) Why did you file a precautionary measure to try to take the videos of the series The Secret of the Gods from the TVI on Youtube?
3) Who were the witnesses of Bishop Romualdo Panceiro of the false declaration of birth made to the Civil Registry of Biritiba Mirim?
4) Who are the biological parents of the two grandsons of Bishop Edir Macedo?
5) Who are the adoptive parents of the grandchildren of Bishop Edir Macedo?
6) When did they move to the United States with the family of Bishop Edir Macedo, who did legally keep the children?
7) How did the children leave Portugal when they first moved to the United States?
8) Is it true that the transfer from Portugal to North America first went through a stopover in Brazil with the purpose of leaving little Fábio with the family of Bishop Panceiro?

Finally, I would like to point out that, although this is public and notorious, I have NEVER been found guilty in any judicial instance for matters of an ethical nature. If you want to prove that the TVI lied, provide the elements. It is not disqualifying your accuser that you will convince me that you are right.


Fábio Pannunzio

Editor of the Blog do Pannunzio


Fabio Pannunzio

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